Spradley Construction Co. realizes that Building, Remodeling or Restoring a Home is not only an exciting and personal experience but it can be daunting and overwhelming at the same time. They recognize the responsibility, trust and faith their Clients put into the experience of this Company and for this reason, Company President, Jon Spradley, will sit down with them and fully listen to the ideas of his Clients. Through open and honest communication, his Clients know, without a doubt, that his company will work with them side by side to accomplish the goals set forth.

From Concept to Completion,  Custom Homes built by Spradley Construction are located throughout Palm Beach and Palm Beach County.   A major focus of Spradley Construction Company throughout the years has been to fill the needs of Residents with existing homes. The Renovation, Repair, Additions and Remodeling projects of their Clients has been rewarding.

The Company excels in Catastrophic repair and Insurance Claims, so when Hurricane Andrew Struck in 1992, Spradley Construction was in Miami filling the construction needs everywhere.

Spradley Construction has Built New, Renovated, Remodeled, and Reconstructed numerous homes and Condominiums in Palm Beach, West Palm Beach and surrounding Municipalities . They have corrected projects from Fire and water Damage to Mold. They have also worked closely with FHA & VA Foreclosures by cleaning them out, repairing damage and preparing them for the Market.

Because of his heartfelt care for his Clients , President, Jon Spradley has personally helped many Clients through the tough emotional stress that goes along with the project.

Spradley Construction Company stands ready to assist you in whatever your need with your home. Whether it is building New, Renovating existing, Restoring from Catastrophic or even not so Catastrophic Damage, Historically Restoring, adding an Addition, Remodeling a Kitchen or Bath or Renovating the entire home, a call to them will be given their full attention. Spradley Const. prides itself on saving a Client from Stress and over spending by education and information. They believe that by knowing and utilizing  the right Quality Sub-Contractors and the right materials for the project at hand is Key to saving the Client in the end.

Please visit our picture Gallery to view a few of the homes Spradley Construction has either Constructed as Custom Homes or Renovated, Repaired, or Remodeled

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